Wear Materials

Abreco® Wear Plates
Engineered to Outperform

We manufacture a wide range of mining wear products including plates, wear liners and other products that are used in mining, steel, cement, aggregate, power generation and other manufacturing industries.

Abreco® is a laminate of extremely abrasion resistant, high alloy, high carbide, chromium molybdenum white iron 700+BHN (64 Rc) metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing, often generically referred to as Domite®. The backing not only provides weldability but most importantly, it provides impact resistance. AbrecoPlate is the best laminated wear plate on the market today because of quality in material and manufacturing process. Its performance is 10 times greater than AR400 steel at less than half the operating cost.

Manufactured in our foundry and tested in our laboratoryAbreco® is Engineered to Outperform. 

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