Frequently Asked Questions
About AbrecoPlate
Is Domite® the same as AbrecoPlate?

While the principals of laminated wear plates are similar, the specific metallurgy of the different manufacturers do remain separate and distinct. Abreco®  is Engineered to Outperform.

What is an Abreco Wear System?

The AbrecoⓇ Wear System is a complete process that draws from our mining industry expertise to help increase mining plant efficiencies through innovations that decrease downtime. It is a combination of understanding plant setup, using the correct wear materials for material handling and plant monitoring with a goal to increase overall operational efficiency.

Do you sell individual skid bars?

Absolutely! Abreco® wear products are inventoried in order to provide competitive lead times to our global customers.

What sizes are wearplate available in?

Abreco® wear plates are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are currently more than 500 SKU’s of Abreco parts – ask us to see what may work for you.

What is Abreco Wear Pipe?

AbrecoPipe is the world’s only centrifugally cast bimetallic white iron wear pipe that can be formed into long radius bends. The material is made of a mild steel outer layer with high chrome white iron inner wear layer to provide maximum performance in the most extreme applications.

How much is Abreco® per square foot?

It is difficult to provide such a baseline figure as there are many factors that affect price. Abreco® is a cast product and as such, the thickness will play the most significant factor in cost. 

Does Abreco® work in impact situations?

Abreco® products can be installed in impact situations however it is important to know the parameters of the application in order to properly evaluate the specific product required to achieve desired results.

Can Abreco® be formed?

Due to the high hardness and lack of ductility of white iron, Abreco® cannot be formed, but shapes can be achieved through fabrication and customized castings.

Can we weld on to Abreco® plates?

The white iron layer is made of high carbon white iron and as such cannot be welded. However the backer plate is made from mild steel and can be readily welded. We have created Abreco® laminated white iron welding recommendations documentation to help.

How do you establish the distribution between Abreco® white iron thickness and the base plate?

Abreco is designed with application in mind. The white iron creates the wear layer and the steel provides both ductility and weldability. Depending on the method of installation, the white iron to steel ratio will generally be 3:1, but could increase depending on the specific demands of the final application. 

How do you install Abreco®?

Abreco can be installed in the same manner as steel plates or liners.  Any standard fixation method such as bolts, welded studs, direct or plug welding, mechanical attachment methods or custom solutions are suitable.

What’s the largest size plate containing several Abreco® plates on a common backer?

There is no limit to the size of plate that can be fabricated with Abreco®. The limitations are really only restricted to the safe handling allowances at the installation site.

How do you cut Abreco®?

Abreco® material can be cut in a number of ways. While the best method is using a waterjet, It can be field cut using plasma, arc air, and zip style cut-off discs. Proper cutting procedures are available to ensure safe operation.

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