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Buttons &
Abreco® Buttons & Bolt Protectors
Buttons and Bolt Head Protectors

Abreco® Dome Buttons are primarily used for bucket and shovel protection but are perfectly suited for any application of abrasion or side impact.

  • Their unique profile deflects material and creates a glancing impact condition
  • Exceptional for tooth adaptor protection as well as bucket and shovel side walls.

Octagon Wear Buttons
Arranged in an offset pattern, the Abreco® Octagon Wear Buttons provide exceptional full surface protection, locking ore in between buttons resulting in ore on ore wear.

  • Ideal for spider arm protection
  • Lower shell protection can be reduced to a preventive maintenance schedule eliminating significant downtime for
    liner change-out

Bolt Protectors
For high wear areas when there’s no choice but to use a standard fastener, Abreco® Bolt Protectors are the ideal solution.

  • A small sacrifice to maintain critical fasteners
  • Can be scored and broken in two at the notched break point for situations when the wear is from only one direction.
  • The Bolt Protectors will also pack with ore, increasing service life when used on a flat surface

Dome Buttons

Octagon Buttons

Bolt Protectors

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