Wear Pipe

Abreco® Wear Pipe
The Ultimate Wear Pipe

For your most severe slurry wear pipe applications, contact us about an AbrecoPipe solution.

The world’s first and only centrifugally cast, Bi-metallic, UT Testable, Chrome White Iron Wear Pipe capable of being formed into long radius elbows. Manufactured using the centrifugal casting process, AbrecoPipe combines the long proven wear characteristics of Chrome White Iron with the toughness and functionality of mild steel. Serving the Alberta Oil Sands market for almost 15 years, AbrecoPipe has proven itself to be the ultimate wear pipe.

Targeted for “Severe Duty Slurry” in tailings and hydro-transport applications; AbrecoPipe wear pipe has proven to outlast chrome carbide weld overlay (CCO) pipe by 6 to 8 times and generate significant cost savings in maintenance budgets.

Due to the centrifugal casting and foundry heat treating process, the inner wear layer possesses a consistent hardness and no heat affected zone resulting in a slow and consistent rate of wear throughout the thickness of the wear layer. Fully UT testable allows for a preventative maintenance and replacement schedule that is easily managed without the added cost of breaking lines apart for inspection.

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