Industries Served


We manufacture a wide range of mining wear products, including plates, wear liners and other products and services for several industries, including mining, steel, cement, aggregate, power generation and OEMs.


Apron Feeders
Grizzly bars
Transfer points
Chute linings
Rock-box ledges
Bucket and Shovel protection
Surge pit linings
Splitter bars
Spider Cap Protection
Reclaimer buckets
Screening plates

Quarries & Aggregate:
Cheek plates
Grizzly bars
Feeder liners
Impact crusher liners
General wear liners

Steel, Coal & Coke:
Grizzly bars
Chutes, tips
Skid bars
Chutes/hopper linings
Fan Blades/liners
Bucket liners
Reclaimer buckets
Coke plant wear plates
Table wear plates
Crash deck plates
Splitters/diverter plates
Pan feeder liners
Transfer points
Swing hammer tips
Chute linings
General wear plates
Grizzly bars

Dredge wear plates
Dredge pump plates
Pug mill paddles tips and scrapers
Dragline bucket protection
Chutes protection, glass industry
Hammer tips, wood/green waste/plastic/glass/recycling
Mulching hammers
Shredders/grinders, anvil blocks, tips.
Road planers, skid protectors

Swing and clinker hammer tips
Chute/hopper linings
General wear protection
Transfer points
Reclaimer buckets

Shredder tips
Grid and anvil bars
Shredder wear plates
Cane knife edges

Power Generation:
Bucket wheel protection
General wear plates
Fan blade liners
Grate bars

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