Vision and Values


Our goal is to continue steady growth by helping our customers reduce operating costs related to wear and make it easy for them to source replacement materials.

Understanding the need for high end wear materials has always been our focus. Over the years and with the addition of industry professionals, Canadian Wear Technologies™ continually works to improve site specific issues related to wear.

Canadian Wear Technologies supports customers with 3 distinct offerings.

Abreco® Wear Products covers a wide variety of standard products that are conveniently inventoried for every day repairs and maintenance.

Abreco Wear System® which was developed to specifically provide a tailored solution to any wear issue using combinations of custom and standard products.

AbrecoPipe® is the world’s first and only bi-metallic pipe which can be bent to long radius elbows for extremely high wear applications.



Impeccable Quality and Outstanding Customer-centric Service

Providing Ingenuity and Innovation to our Partners

High level of Integrity

Safety – not only in work practices but through product design


Do you have a wear problem?

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