Wear Pipe Technical Information

Wear Pipe
Abreco® Wear Pipe Technical Specs
Wear Pipe Technical Information

Mild Steel Properties:
Tensile Strength: 68,200 psi / 470 MPa
Yield Strength: 35,000 / 240 MPa

27 Chrome AbrecoPipe reaches a hardness of 600+ BHN
15-3 Chrome AbrecoPipe reaches a hardness of 700+ BHN

As a result of the centrifugal casting process, ovality can be maintained to +/- 1mm reducing the possibility for any turbulence in the system.

AbrecoPipe is fully UT Testable.

Given the nature of the casting and hardening process, the result is a very consistent hardness and rate of wear throughout the thickness of the pipe. With UT Testing, a preventive maintenance and replacement schedule is easily managed.

For your most severe pipe applications contact us about an AbrecoPipe solution!

  • Standard fittings: flanges, butt-welds, sleeve joints, Victaulic® couplings, weld-o-lets, thread-o-lets, dummy legs and lifting lugs can all be used on AbrecoPipe
  • Hydro testing performed as required to meet customer specifications

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