Class I, Type A, Ni-Cr-HC; Also known as Ni-Hard1

ASTM A532 Class I, Type A, Ni-Cr-HC (Ni-Hard 1)

Nickel-Chrome-High Carbon cast iron is the wear and abrasion resistance group of materials also called Ni-Hard 1. These alloys have good castability and are the most common abrasion resistance materials in the world. Nickel is the primary alloying element for hardenability in this cast iron. The second important element is Cr and is used to derive the formation of the carbides over the graphite.

Microstructure of the as-cast Ni-Hard consists of primary dendrite and the eutectic carbides. The eutectic carbides are in the form of plated M3C. Mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of Ni-Hard 1 is a function of the carbides volume and the matrix structure.

Chemical Composition (ASTM A532-IA)

Mechanical and Physical Properties

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Properties


Ni-Hard 1 alloys are suitable for low impact, sliding abrasion for both wet and dry applications. ASTM A532 Cl I Type A is an extremely wear resistant material, with high castability and is ideal for use in abrasive and wear applications such as concrete pump cases, slurry pump impellers, grinding balls, liner plates, and pulverizer rollers.


Ni-Hard 1 produced in as-cast, Stress Relieved (SR) and heat-treated condition.

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