Abreco® Technical Information

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A higher wear material to backer ratio (3:1) vs. chromium carbide overlay at (1:1) means that AbrecoPlate® offers more wear protection for your money.

A range of sizes are available in thickness from 1/2″ (13mm) to 4″ (100).

The iron wear layer is completely through-hardened in heat treatment to 700+ Brinell (64 Rc) with no soft centre. Thus AbrecoPlate offers consistent, high wear resistance until it is worn completely through to the steel.

Mining wear material comparison chart


White Iron Wear Layer (ASTM A532 Type II “B” modified):

Abreco composition chart

Backer Plate: Low carbon mild steel 44W / (A36)


Complex Chromium – Molybdenum Carbides in an extremely hard, martensitic matrix.
One of the best wear resistant microstructures ever developed.

Hardness: Brinell 700+ (Rockwell “C” 63 to 65.)
Heat Resistance: 800 F (425 C) continuous with no negative effects on the iron. Prolonged service at elevated temperatures of 1100 to 1850 F (595 to 1010 C) will reduce the hardness of the white iron. The effect is greater relative to time and temperature increases.


Achieved through a special heat treating process, the bond is fully metallurgical and continuous attachment over the entire interface, so that stresses are efficiently transferred from one layer to another. The mechanical properties of the bond zone are intermediate between those of the white iron and the steel backer plate. Bond Strength: > 33,000 psi. ( > 227MPa )

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