Canada Iron Foundries Ltd. (Canron) in Hamilton, Ontario first developed and marketed a high-end laminated wear plate product under the trade name “Domite®”. The product was developed to protect against severe abrasion and impact in material handling systems.

In 1984, Canron closed the division and eventually sold the name “Domite®”. In that same year a metallurgist from Canron, one of the original Domite® product developers, started Abreco (Abrasion Resistant Company) Inc. to maintain continuity of supply and began marketing wear liner products under the trade name “Abreco”. Abreco Inc. quickly took over the leading market share for white iron laminated wear material and in 1990 was purchased by Limpact International Limited and operated as the Abreco® Wear Products Division.

In 2004, the company was renamed to Canadian Wear Technologies. We are proud of the fact that we continue the manufacturing process to the exacting standards of its original developer. Today, Abreco Laminated Wear Products are marketed around the world and are helping to solve some of the toughest wear problems in industries such as MINING, STEEL, CEMENT, AGGREGATE, POWER GENERATION AND OEM’S.

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