Surge Pits and Drop Chutes


Surge Pits / Drop Chutes

Wear liners for surge pits and drop chutes

• Up to 3”(75mm) thick of Abreco® protection
• Significantly out performs conventional wear liners
• Mechanical locking system allows for ease of installation and replacements

• Increase equipment uptime through fewer outages
• Simplified mounting system reduces installation time and measuring
• Field results after over 65 Million tonnes of throughput

In one Iron Ore application, cycle time on 96 liners improved from 13 weeks to 104
weeks. Liner changes have gone from 15 liners every two weeks to 12 liners every 13 weeks.
After conversion to Abreco Mech-Lok Liners in the Surge Pit, an annual savings of more than
$800,000 was achieved.

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